My new cookbook, Piecemeal, is available wherever cookbooks are sold!

Here’s how it makes dinner easier and more fun:

If you make bold component and stash it away, you’re already well on your way to a whole bunch of easy meals.

Take this humble eggplant!

Double-roast it until it’s smooth, creamy, and packed with smoky umami flavor.

Stash it away in the fridge or freezer.

Then use it to make a recipe in 5+ 15+ or 30+ minutes!

5+ minutes:

Throw it in a food processor with a few other basic ingredients to make the best baba ganoush you’ve ever had.

15+ minutes:

If you’ve got a few extra minutes, whip up this ricotta frittata with silky strips of smoky eggplant.

30+ minutes:

Or if you’re in the mood for a bit more of a project, make this deep dish pizza with eggplant, basil, and mozzarella.

There are also hundreds of ideas for mixing and matching between recipes.

Use a different component (like the garlicky mushrooms on page 77!) in the deep dish pizza.

Take the smoky eggplant and use it in another recipe, like the omelette on page 78.

The possibilities are endless!

“Pauline’s concept of batch cooking and recipe stitching offers an equally budget- and time-friendly solution that still has space for transforming leftovers, combining components in new ways for a second or third meal, and awakening cooks to the freedom that comes from more flexible meal planning.”
-Emily Bowles, Library Journal

“Unlike other meal-prep routines that require significant organizational skills to pull off, Pauline sticks to one simple philosophy: ‘When you amass a trove of flavorful bits and pieces, dinner cooks itself.'”

-Susan Puckett, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Filled with make-ahead suggestions, substitutions, and variations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this book has seemingly endless possibilities. The author also includes store-bought cheats to make cooking times even shorter. […] With its delicious, accurate, and reliable recipes, this title will fly off library shelves and become a staple for home cooks.
-Sarah Tansley, Booklist

“You know I love a high concept strategy cookbook, and this is the second one from A Dish for All Seasons author Kathryn Pauline. […] Get this if you have the what’s-for-dinner blues.”
-Paula Forbes, Stained Page News

For more improvisational ideas, my first cookbook, A Dish for All Seasons is also available wherever cookbooks are sold!