cookbook a dish for all seasons, on a blue gingham table cloth

My cookbook hits bookshelves this August!

preorder to make it your own:

4 fruit tarts, each representing one season (clockwise: berries, passion fruit, grapefruit, and rhubarb for summer, fall, winter, spring)

When I say “make it your own,” I mean it!

A Dish for All Seasons is full of adaptable base recipes, so you can use whatever ingredients strike your fancy.

Each base recipe also comes with 4 seasonal variations, so you’ll never be short on inspiration.

Take these fruit tarts! We’ve got:

berry custard (summer)
passionfruit chocolate (fall)
citrus cheesecake (winter)
rhubarb pretzel cream (spring)

+ instructions to create your own!

4 salads on a white table cloth at a picnic surrounded by grass and fall leaves

Since you can cook every base recipe anytime, those well-loved tomato-stained pages won’t languish through the long winter.

And you’ll never find yourself bringing home a mountain of fennel bulbs, with no idea what to do besides roast them for the thousandth time.

(*Ahem*, make this delicious honey mustard fennel slaw with parsley and pomegranates instead!)

herbs in little jars

Go to the market, see what inspires you, and then crack open A Dish for All Seasons to find something deliciously creative. Scribble in the margins with your own ideas, or cook your way through my favorites.

Spend less time planning, and more time enjoying!